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September 17 2014
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Leona’s leaving the decision to Reese.

I know.


'They were there 'cause they spotted us filming the engineers and I pulled him out from under the bed forcibly, and his spine ended up stopping a bullet that was plainly going to hit me. So it’s obviously something I’m going to remember.’

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The newsroom challenge:

Favorite news story: Gabrielle Giffords and the Tucson shooting in I’ll try to fix you

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September 17 2014
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My Favorite Mackenzie’s outfits

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September 17 2014
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"It is essentially through the smoke that the male hero is given a privileged atmosphere of abstraction in himself, recreating, inwardly that longed sentimentality that the rules of the universe tend to deny him. The cigarette is his essential resource to transmit his contained emotions".

The Time of the Hero: The Melancholic Hero 

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September 17 2014
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When I say I love you, you say you better